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Fans of Keith Olbermann

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A community for fans of Keith Olbermann!
Whether you planned your life around Countdown or simply caught it when you could, Keith Olbermann's undeniable presence in a world of increasing ridiculousness is cause for celebration. Hence this community.

Your moderator contact is ayarane.

Community rules:
  • Be respectful to both your fellow community members and public figures we may discuss.
  • Please place images that are large behind cuts. Same deal for posts with multiple images.
  • Feel free to post with any sort of Keith-related things, whether it's news about him, commentary on what you liked/disliked about a recent show he has done, or a story about how you had to leave a restaurant early because your Countdown-obsessed friend couldn't bear to miss the show.
  • We accept both serious, thoughtful posts and posts that mostly consist of fangirling. We would ask that you respect both types of expression and remember that everyone observes and shows their appreciation differently.
  • Intro posts = fun stuff, man. Also fun? GRAMMAR.

affiliates: maddow_discuss, [community profile] olberfanns

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