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27th-Mar-2013 12:56 pm - May I be smug for a moment?
From today's Baseball Nerd:

OK, I admit it. Even after watching the Tigers melt the Yankees in the ALCS last year I had this sneaking suspicion that a good team with fewer stars but better defense, which could execute on both sides of the ball, might destroy the Tigers in the World Series. And then I looked at the San Francisco lineup and I just couldn’t go with my hunch.

I feel great shame.

14th-Mar-2013 10:17 am - Posted without comment
Keith - Better Watch Now
Keith - Noir
The Hollywood Reporter has the story, along with a link to the (presently heavily redacted) motions for summary judgement that Keith's legal team filed last week. I'll look for a non-watermarked copy to put in the Vault, again, but here's a highlight from THR's related story:

Current breached ¶ 16(a)(i) of the Agreement by making disparaging and derogatory statements in the public and to its staff about Mr. Olbermann and by disclosing confidential terms of the parties' Agreement to the press. Current breached ¶ 2(a)(ii) of the Agreement by using Mr. Olbermann's likeness in connection with advertising the Program properties, all without his prior approval. Current breached ¶ 5(c) by using Olbermann's name, without his approval, in connection with a commercial for AT&T. Current breached ¶¶ 2(a) and 2(b)(ii) by denying Mr. Olbermann editorial control over "Program Specials" broadcast on Current, and breached ¶ 2(a)(i) by refusing Mr. Olbermann editorial control of the website when it denied his request to stream segments of Countdown over the Website. Current breached ¶ 13(d) of the Agreement by improperly terminating Mr. Olbermann's employment.

And in a lovely case of "timing is everything" (with a healthy side order of schadenfreude)...

Oddly, the Olbermann motion was filed on the same day Current and Gore were sued by a man who claims he put together the plan for the network's $500 million sale to the Qatari royal family but was cut out of the deal. The two cases are not related.

Remember when people actually had respect for Al Gore?
3rd-Mar-2013 05:31 pm - ...o rly?
Keith - Better Watch Now
Olbermann Angling for Return to ESPN

KO, of course, had no comment for the story - but Dan did:

Patrick said he would not be surprised if Olbermann returned to ESPN.

“You can never say never,” said Patrick, who now hosts NBC’s “Football Night in America,” as well as a popular syndicated sports-talk show. “What I can say is that if he does return, I won’t be back there with him doing ‘SportsCenter,’ I can promise you that.”

Honestly, I think a sports gig - ANY sports gig - is the way for him to go right now. He's even more of a political powder keg than a number of politicians we could all name.
26th-Feb-2013 08:28 pm - Content? Here? REALLY?
Keith - Better Watch Now
The teaser from last night's appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson:

If you haven't seen the episode yet, make a point of seeking it out. I haven't laughed that hard in months.
Keith - Man In The Street
(aka "No, I haven't forgotten this place existed...")

So who else has watched the first part of KO's Larry King interview so far?

Part 1 (Part 2 runs tomorrow)

Random thoughts, crossposted from my Tumblr, back hereCollapse )

More tomorrow.

6th-Apr-2012 11:42 am - This just gets better and better.
Keith - Better Watch Now
Current filed their cross-complaint this morning.

PDF copy here
Keith - Better Watch Now
There is not enough POPCORN in the world.

PDF of the Olbermann vs. Current lawsuit

43 pages. Get a drink and get comfy.

EDIT: Downloaded a copy from Scribd without the THR watermark all over it, uploaded it to the Vault, updated the link.
Keith - Better Watch Now
(...there has GOT to be a canonical list of locations Letterman has used for the Home Office somewhere.)

Lots of fun w/the best interviewer in the business - including when it gets serious. Always an honor, David

7th-Feb-2012 12:42 pm - Pass the popcorn....
Keith - We All Are Americans
Tonight on Countdown: Special Comment - Karen Handel gone, Komen's corruption remains

And in the wake of the news that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled CA Proposition 8 unconstitutional, it looks like we may be in for a doozy of a show tonight.

I owe y'all an update regarding the scarf, but there isn't one to give...no tweet of thanks, no signed headshot some intern stuck in the mail, nothing. (Hell, for all I know said intern found the box in the mailroom and is wearing it instead of Keith.) To say I'm bitter scarcely covers it.
9th-Jan-2012 02:17 pm - I owe y'all some content...
Keith - Better Watch Now
...because there's been progress in the latest to-do, but the following just showed up in my email:

Delivered - NEW YORK NY 10014 - 01/09/12 10:49am

I'll just be over here, curled in the fetal position and jabbering nonsense.

Edit: @TeamOlbermann on Twitter just posted that Shuster is guest-hosting the show all week. THIS IS NOT HELPING.
Keith - Better Watch Now
...let's see if I can get it there before he parts company with another network, hm?

The new letterCollapse )

Edit: Our letter carrier picked it up about 40 minutes ago. After waffling over the concept for a bit, I wound up putting (fairly plain) Happy Birthday! stickers on the sides of the box; whether this increases the odds of it actually getting delivered, $DEITY only knows.

Further updates as events warrant.
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